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What bottoms to wear with knee-high boots?

by cathy cao 03 Jan 2024

Winter is here and boots are the most popular shoe at the moment. If you think that these shoes are easy to match with anything, you are wrong. Boots, especially knee-length or above-the-knee boots, are very popular in spring. However, in the fall and winter, people often wear pants. Therefore, this time we will introduce pants that go perfectly with knee-high boots.


LOOK1:Short Skirt+Knee-high Boots

Short skirts are lively and sexy. They can show off the advantages of the wearer's legs and turn the beautiful legs into the eye-catching highlight of the style.The knee-high boots can solve this problem. The high boots reduce the area of exposed legs. At the same time, it modifies the shape of the legs, which not only improves the effect of keeping warm and keeping out the cold, but also gives full play to the advantages of long legs, making it sexy, elegant and fashionable.


LOOK2:Short Pants+Knee-high Boots

Although short skirts are sexy and sweet, they have a higher risk of exposure. If you want to wear them more freely, you can try wearing short pants + the knee-high boots. You can choose an A-line cut to make you look slimmer and taller.


LOOK3:Skinny Jeans+Knee-high Boots

Women who don’t want to show their legs can also choose denim trousers for matching, and the design of the trousers is recommended to be slim-fitting so that they can be stuffed into the boots to avoid cumbersomeness. Pairing skinny jeans with the knee-high boots is smart and fashionable, and the overall look is full of sense.


To control the knee high boots well, you have to choose a style with texture, and you should choose the right item based on your own style.


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