Nice to meet you,
We are Larosastyle.

About Us

Larosa style women's shoes exist for the urban woman who seeks style, sophistication, and a stylish lifestyle.

Taking women's fashion sense as the appeal, pursuing the improvement of the quality of life.

She can be gorgeous, glamorous, or stylish. Interpret the beauty of urban women in many ways.


Our Brand Values

We wants to get ourselves a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes that are trendy and comfortable to wear. So we started collecting designs we liked and made our first shoes a month later.

We were very happy wearing the shoes we designed. We hope to produce more of these shoes in the future.

As a result, women's shoes started from the design to the production line. 

We are committed to interpreting the fashion value brand of elegance, comfort, and simplicity.

Since its establishment, it has been based on the pursuit of women's fashion and aesthetics, building a charming and colorful life for women, and creating a colorful life is Larosa's unswerving core concept.

Design Concept

Larosa opened an online shop on the advice of people around her. The online store showcased the shoes made by her factory to the world.

LarosaStyle is known by more and more people and loved by many people. One step closer to the way she wants to realize the promotion trend.

Style is timeless, which is why our hallmark is not just our designs, but the confidence it gives our customers when they wear our products.

The vision of a new generation

LarosaStyle hopes to provide more trendy designs and comfy shoes at affordable prices.

Women's self-confidence starts from being comfortable physically and mentally. We design shoes that are soft and powerful, build strength on the move, and make women more comfortable as they go.

We only use high quality leather and materials. We believe shoes should be built to last.

We practice fast fashion. We update our products every month so that you can get new trend information.

We really like what we do. Most importantly, we understand the transformative power of shoes. We all work hard to ensure that our clients feel this passion at every stage of their journey with us.

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