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How to fit ankle boots?

by cathy cao 26 Dec 2023

Winter is the season for wearing boots

When winter comes, everyone will first buy themselves a few pairs of boots, and whether you wear short boots or long boots, these boots have their own advantages.
If you want to wear boots, I must first recommend a pair of ankle boots. They are shoes that can be worn regardless of height, fat, or height. They are easy to match. When paired with long skirts and trousers, they will make you look taller and slimmer than expected.

Nine-point Flared Pants and red Ankle Boots

The nine-point bell-bottom pants have a retro style. The red color makes you look taller and slimmer. It can elongate the legs very well. It is also very friendly to fat girls. It is paired with bright leather retro-colored ankle-length pants. Boots, the shiny design makes the overall look more stylish and not monotonous.
It is paired with a red long-sleeved and elegant coat. The material of the coat weakens the boringness of red very well. In addition, the small outward design of the collar reveals a bit of fur collar, which is sassy and cool. The overall look is very stylish.


Nine-point Jeans and black Ankle Boots

This outfit has an aura for everyday use and is perfect for commuting. The jeans are light blue. The freshness of light blue and the calmness of black are harmonious and beautiful. Coupled with the feminine pointed ankle boots, it gives people a "light and mature feeling".
The style of pants is straight and high-waisted, which does not pick on the shape of the legs and makes the legs look longer. Most women can easily control them.


Black Nine-Point Pants and Black Ankle Boots

Black straight leg nine-point trousers and ankle boots of the same color are a combination that is not easy to go wrong. They are very slimming. The high-heeled design of the boots can well enhance the overall visual effect. It looks like "legs are 1.8 meters long". Plus The black base with high collar and the smooth feeling brought by the black color from ankle to neck are simply a heightening buff, good news for petite women!



A beautiful outfit must focus on color matching. Outfits such as cropped pants and ankle boots reflect the neatness and femininity of urban girls. When it comes to matching, you should try to choose high-end color matching , such as the classic three-color combination of black, white and gray, and earth tones are more everyday and high-end.




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