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3 great tips for picking high heels.

by beiyu zhang 26 Dec 2023

Choosing the right pair of high heels involves considering various factors, including height, shoe shape, heel thickness, and comfort. Here are some tips to help you select high heels that not only enhance your figure but also provide comfort and style.

1、Golden Ratio Formula

Keep in mind that the golden ratio is a subjective concept and may not be the only factor in determining the best heel height.
Please consider your overall body proportions and the effect you want to achieve. But if you need a reference value, first measure your leg length, that is, the length from your belly button to the bottom of your feet, then apply the Golden Ratio formula height x 0.618 - leg length, and the calculated figure is the most suitable heel height for you.

2、stiletto heel

Your observation is quite valid. When choosing high heels, especially considering the thickness of the heel, it's important to take into account the overall proportions of your legs and ankles. The goal is to create a balanced and harmonious look that complements your body shape. Here are some tips:

Consider Ankle Thickness:

If you have thicker ankles, very thin stiletto heels might visually emphasize the thickness. In such cases, opting for thicker heels, wedges, or block heels can create a more balanced appearance.

3、Toe Style

Absolutely, you've highlighted an essential aspect of choosing shoes that often goes overlooked—the shape of your feet. Different foot shapes can affect the fit and comfort of shoes, as well as the overall aesthetic appeal. Here's a breakdown of how foot shape can influence the choice of shoe styles:

Roman Foot (Toes Gradually Decrease in Length):

  • For those with a Roman foot shape, where the toes gradually decrease in length from the big toe to the little toe, square toes and round toes can be particularly flattering. These styles can help accommodate the wider foot plate.

Egyptian Foot (Big Toe Longer):

  • As you mentioned, individuals with an Egyptian foot shape (where the big toe is longer than the other toes) typically have more flexibility in choosing different toe styles. They can wear various shoe shapes, including round toes, square toes, and pointed toes.

Greek Foot (Second Toe Longer):

  • Individuals with a Greek foot, characterized by the second toe being longer than the others, may find that pointed toe shoes are a good choice. Pointed toes can visually elongate the foot and create a more elegant look. However, comfort is key, so it's essential to ensure the shoe doesn't squeeze or constrict the toes.

Consider Width and Arch:

  • In addition to toe shape, consider the width of your foot and the arch. Some people have wider feet, while others may have higher or lower arches. Selecting shoes that accommodate your foot width and arch type is crucial for overall comfort.

Understanding your foot shape and choosing shoes accordingly can enhance comfort and style. It's a personalized process, and experimenting with different styles will help you discover what works best for your unique feet.


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